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Steam Specialist

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Reyco Sales is a trusted consultant for facilities utilizing steam and provides energy conservation solutions, steam system design, equipment selection, energy audits, and steam trap surveys.

Based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, the Company works with clients across the province of BC and North-Western Washington State, including oil & gas, institutional, food and beverage, pulp & paper forestry, and pharmaceutical businesses.

Reyco Sales is the BC Channel Partner of ARI-Armaturen, a German manufacturer of high-quality products for steam and liquids including steam traps, actuators, safety, control, and isolation valves. Reyco Sales specializes in heat transfer solutions and heat exchanger packages, metering, and steam filtration.

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds has over 20 years of experience in steam system engineering design and sales.

About Us

Mission Statement

Our strategy at Reyco Sales is focused on delivering valued and measurable solutions to our customers. We will work hard at being your No. 1 steam solutions provider.

Reyco Sales is committed to providing customer-centric steam solutions to save you money improving your steam system through gains in process efficiencies, improved quality, reduced maintenance and improving your bottom line.

We will be consistent and objective in the advice we give with an ongoing commitment to supporting our customers across the many industries we serve. Our goal is to continue to adapt to your changing needs.

Your success is our success.

Andrew Reynolds,
Owner and General Manager