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Expansion Joints

Flex-Weld Inc.

Flex-Weld Inc. is a manufacturer of expansion joints, metal bellows, and bellow assemblies metal hose assemblies, expansion compensators, and pump connectors. Their expertise is in the design and engineering of motion and flow control products to meet customers’ individual needs.

Metal Bellows

Bellows featuring multi-ply geometry produced by telescoping thin wall precision tubing. The most important feature of Flex-Weld bellows is the multi-ply geometry produced by telescoping thin wall precision tubing. Utilizing the same dimensions, Flex-Weld bellows can accept significantly more movements than our competitors. The stresses induced on the individual layers of Flex-Weld bellows are a fraction of the stresses induced in single wall bellows of equal thickness. This results in Flex-Weld bellows having a much higher cycle life and lower spring rates than our competition.

Metal Bellows - Flex-Weld Inc.

Expansion Joints

Designed and engineered to carry a variety of media in pressure or vacuum applications the Keflex™ brand is one of the most recognized names in the HVAC industry. Its origin dates back over 100 years and is synonymous with quality and durability. Many of the products available in the industry today are imitations of original Keflex™ designs.

Expansion Joints - Flex-Weld Inc.

Exhaust Bellows

Flex-Weld, Inc. / Keflex™ engine and exhaust bellows are the most reliable in the industry. They offer a 5 year extended warranty for the products they design. They can perform complete engineering take-offs on all new and refurbished ship exhaust systems, including expansion joint selection, location, quantity and system configuration. They have exceptional expertise in our multi-ply thin-wall bellows construction with proprietary convolution shape. This combination provides their bellows with extended fatigue resistance and cycle life.

The bellows can be manufactured from a wide range of alloys including T-321 high temperature-resistant stainless steel, T-316L corrosion-resistant stainless steel, or Inconel and Monel alloys to preclude salt water and chloride corrosion. Their metallurgical department can analyze failures and engineer a suitable replacement.

Exhaust Bellows - Flex-Weld Inc.
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I have worked with Andrew for a number of years on many successful steam heating and condensate recovery projects in the Fraser Health Authority. I have found him to be an excellent resource on steam systems and he is always willing to share his knowledge. He presented a full day seminar on steam topics to our operating engineers which was well received. Andrew has participated in many BC CHES Trade Shows and has also been a guest speaker. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to help you with any of your steam system requirements.