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We are proud to provide not just steam engineering solutions for our clients, but sustainable options that will benefit the company, the customers, and the environment.

Reyco Sales specializes in heat transfer solutions, metering, and steam filtration – and can offer energy conservation solutions, steam system design, equipment selection, energy audits, and steam trap surveys.

  • Steam Trap Surveys
    • The simplest and easiest energy savings program for any steam plant program is the steam trap survey and involves the following:
    • Inspection, testing and recording data for all steam traps
    • Spreadsheet cataloging all steam traps: location, tag number, application, system pressure, make, model, size, condition, elevation, and recommendations regarding application and installation where necessary.
    • Survey results in Excel format
    • Simple paybacks in the order of a few months is quite common
  • Blowdown Heat Recovery Evaluation
    • For Continuous boiler blowdown the following is required
    • Design criteria requires boiler capacity and nominal steam flow, boiler TDS and feedwater TDS, flash steam pressure, gas cost and annual hours of operation
    • Calculate continuous blowdown rate
    • Calculate flash steam heat recovery savings
    • Calculate sensible heat recovery savings
    • Determine payback calculation based on total annual energy savings and cost of equipment and installation
    • Simple Payback is total cost divided by total annual savings
  • Identify and Evaluate Flash Steam Opportunities
    • Identify all sources of high pressure condensate
    • Determine condensate flow and duration, as well as the heat recovery potential due to flashed steam production.
    • Identify compatible uses for low-pressure steam
    • Estimate the cost effectiveness of installing appropriate heat-recovery devices and interconnecting piping.
  • Steam System Assessment
    • The audience for a Steam System Assessment are steam system energy managers and steam system operations personnel for industrial plants such as Forest Products, Mining, Aluminum, Glass, Petroleum, Chemicals, Metal Casting and Steel
    • The Steam System Assessment will assist you to:
      1. Develop a greater awareness of opportunities to improve your steam system;
      2. Identify actions to substantially reduce your steam energy costs;
      3. Allow you to evaluate your steam system operations against identified best practices
    • The Steam System Assessment covers 5 sections of the steam and condensate loop covering Steam System Basic Data, Steam System Profiling, Steam System Operating Practices – Total Steam System, Steam System Operating Practices – Boiler Plant, Steam System Operating Practices – Distribution, End Use, Recovery
    • Summary results are tabulated and a report for NEXT STEPS is submitted
  • The Steam Energy Audit
    • The Steam Energy Audit typically follows the NEXT STEPS as reported in the Steam System Assessment
    • The Energy Audit is to provide a report listing potential projects that can provide energy savings by generating hard numbers. Energy conservation measures can then be compared and projects implemented with payback timelines.
    • As part of any Energy Audit, the project list will include any safety concerns and Industry Best Practices for improvement and reliability opportunities
    • The Energy Audit on the steam system and steam equipment can cover one or more areas from steam generation, to steam distribution and utilization, and condensate return.
    • Subsequent to delivering the report, Reyco Sales will meet with the company’s personnel in order to prioritize the project list & develop a specific project development & implementation plan.
    • Promote and develop with the customer active energy cost control programs to drive the total cost of ownership down for steam traps and equipment
  • Improve Steam System Utilization and Performance
    • Review steam and condensate piping for sizing, slope, insulation, take offs, drips
    • Confirm steam trap selection and application, eliminate water hammer, utilize flash steam, and replace domestic hot water storage tanks where feasible with instantaneous hot water heaters.
    • Improve condensate return and close the steam loop with pressure powered pumps
    • Replace steam cartridge filters which are a consumable item with sintered or pleated SS steam filters
    • Utilize Reyco Sales to help your system perform better. Leverage our experience with hundreds of steam system installations. We work with the smallest- simple single pressure systems to Pulp Mills and Refineries with multiple pressure headers. Large steam users can benefit from system modelling and prioritize the steam projects which will be of greatest benefit such as steam system balancing, modeling a turbine for balancing and/or for power, steam trap losses, and insulation paybacks to name just a few.
Did You Know?
Consider Installing High-Pressure Boilers with Backpressure Turbine-Generators

When specifying a new boiler, consider a high-pressure boiler with a backpressure steam turbine-generator placed between the boiler and the steam distribution network. The turbine does not consume steam. Instead, it simply reduces the pressure. In essence, the turbogenerator serves the same steam function as a pressure-reducing valve (PRV)—it reduces steam pressure—but uses the pressure drop to produce highly valued electricity in addition to the low-pressure steam. The economics depends on the steam consumption rate in the plant.

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Client Testimonial

Andrew worked with me on a turnkey hot water tank replacement managing the contractor in the demolition and installation of a new instantaneous hot water heater. The project proceeded smoothly and the system worked as promised. It has been in operation for a number of years now with no complaints. Andrew has the products and knowledge I know I can trust.