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Carel Humidification

Carel Humidification leads the evolution of control technology and humidification for air conditioning and refrigeration. Carel’s products support customers with the most efficient energy savings solutions.

heaterSteam: electric heater steam humidifier

The unit can be used with both potable and demineralized water when wanting to minimize periodical cleaning. Ideal for humidifying technological or medical environments, where maximum steam purity and extended maintenance-free operation are required. The range of models runs from 4.4 to 132 lbs/hr per hour.

humiSteam: immersed electrode steam humidifier

The operation of immersed electrode humidifiers is based on a very simple physical principle. As common drinking water contains a certain quantity of dissolved mineral salts, and is consequently slightly conductive, applying a voltage to metal electrodes immersed in the water creates an electric current that heats the water (Joule effect) until boiling, thus producing steam.

The quantity of steam produced is proportional to the electric current, which is, in turn, proportional to the water level. The range of models runs from 3.3 lbs/hr to 287 lbs/hr per hour.

humiSteam:  immersed electrode steam humidifier

gaSteam: gas-fired steam humidifier

Humidify and save! Works on potable mains water and demineralized water from reverse osmosis. The gas-fired humidifier that is installed like an ordinary heating system. Efficiencies of 92-96% with modulation of 25 to 100% with ±2% precision on set point. Models available for nominal 100, 200 and 400 lb/hr of steam.

ultimateSAM: high energy efficiency steam distributor

Significant energy savings by minimizing condensation and reducing the heat lost in the AHU/duct. Uses steam from a pressurized system or produced by a humidifier. Short non-wetting distance (even ≤ 0.5 m). The unit has been designed to be made “to measure” for the AHU/duct. Steam flow-rates are: multi-pipe models 132-2440 lbs/hr, single-pipe models 44 to 308 lbs/hr.

ultimateSAM: high energy efficiency steam distributor
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For more information about Carel Humidification HVAC Coil and Humidification Products, click here to visit their website or contact us.


For over half a century, Heat Craft has played a major role in developing and manufacturing custom heat transfer products for the following applications:

  • Commercial & Residential HVAC
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Industrial cooling
  • Mobile air conditioning
  • Replacement and retrofit markets

They have expanded their product offerings to accommodate nearly any heat transfer application. Their products are custom engineered to meet your exact requirements utilizing many types of materials – copper, aluminum, stainless, carbon steel and admiralty brass – to deliver the heat transfer product that best fits your need.

HVAC Coils

Heatcraft has the best delivery in the business with 15-day standard ship and 5 and 10-day expedited manufacturing services. Stock coils available to ship on next day service.

Heatcraft produces the following col types: condenser coils, evaporator coils, microchannel coils, steam coils and water coils heating and cooling.

HVAC Coils
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For more information about HeatCraft/Modine HVAC Coil and Humidification Products, click here to visit their website or contact us.

Steam Products

Client Testimonial

I have worked with Andrew for a number of years on many successful steam heating and condensate recovery projects in the Fraser Health Authority. I have found him to be an excellent resource on steam systems and he is always willing to share his knowledge. He presented a full day seminar on steam topics to our operating engineers which was well received. Andrew has participated in many BC CHES Trade Shows and has also been a guest speaker. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to help you with any of your steam system requirements.