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Reyco Sales specializes in the implementation of industrial silencers for fans, blowers, power generation units, and vents. Whatever your industry, we can deliver the optimal solution for your specific acoustical application.


Since its inception, Stoddard Silencers of Canada has tackled silencing problems covering the entire spectrum of industries and applications.

Industrial Fan Silencers

Effective treatment of the intake and discharge noise generated by the blower fan is accomplished by using a high volume, low pressure drop, absorption type silencer which can control the noise as a unit.

Rotary Blower Silencers

Intake silencers effectively reduce the noise and destructive low frequency pulsations that can be detrimental to surrounding equipment and personnel.

Vaccuum Blower Silencers

Vacuum pumps are designed primarily to handle gas, such as air. Stoddard Silencers can furnish separator silencers in sizes required for all vacuum systems.

Steam/Gas Vent Silencers

Using gas flow data analysis, we can help you select the correct silencer for your application with the most economical design to meet the specified noise criteria.

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Andrew worked with me on a turnkey hot water tank replacement managing the contractor in the demolition and installation of a new instantaneous hot water heater. The project proceeded smoothly and the system worked as promised. It has been in operation for a number of years now with no complaints. Andrew has the products and knowledge I know I can trust.