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Donaldson is a leading global manufacturer of filtration systems. Founded in 1915, Donaldson has a broad range of industrial air, sterile air, culinary steam, drying, tank venting, and process liquid filtration products and services.

Advanced Technology
Donaldson’s advanced filtration technology protects your capital investment and reduces the long-term cost of ownership by optimizing filter performance and energy efficiency. Extensive research and development capabilities — coupled with advanced design and testing capabilities — help us deliver customized solutions to meet special requirements.

Compressed Air & Gas

Besides electricity, water, and gas, compressed air is one of the most commonly used energy sources in a manufacturing plant. Compression of air and gas will increase the concentration of all contaminants, making filtration even more important.

Compressed Air & Gas


From utility water used during manufacturing processes to sterile ingredient water, our liquid filtration solutions will help preserve the integrity of your product



Our high-quality stainless-steel filter housings and elements provide excellent filtration and purification of steam necessary for culinary steam and clean steam applications.

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Andrew worked with me on a turnkey hot water tank replacement managing the contractor in the demolition and installation of a new instantaneous hot water heater. The project proceeded smoothly and the system worked as promised. It has been in operation for a number of years now with no complaints. Andrew has the products and knowledge I know I can trust.