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Whether your energy source is steam, hot water, or electricity, Reyco Sales has the right product for your application. We invite you to find out more about our complete line of heat exchangers, tanks, and packaged water heaters available in single and double wall configuration.


RECO USA combines innovative technology with solid craftsmanship and is known for their ability to engineer very complex systems. They specialize in packaged systems; indirect fired storage water heaters, instantaneous and semi instantaneous heaters, immersion tanks, replacement bundles, steam to steam generators, and buffer tanks.

Heat Exchangers - RECO USA
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For more information about RECO USA Heat Exchanger Products, click here to visit their website or contact us.


AIC Heat Exchangers is the premier manufacturer of specialty heat exchangers in Canada.

JAD Line Heat Exchangers

Stainless Steel Shell and Coil Heat Exchangers

JAD shell & coil heat exchangers are distinctly characterized by their angular connections, and by the circular layers of helically corrugated tubes within the shell. This unique design optimizes the performance and heat transfer efficiency of the units.

This line of heat exchangers is primarily designed for vertical installations. Combined with their compact size, the JAD heat exchangers can be installed in virtually any application where space is a constraint.

Shell & Coil Models are available in:

  • Smooth or corrugated tubes
  • S-Type: Shortened version of JAD-type heat exchanger

H-Type: Straight, 90° angle connections


  • Heating systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • Ground water systems
  • Residential use
Standard Materials

  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Complete welded structure

Maximum Working Pressure:

Up to 300 PSI (2.07 MPa)

Maximum Working Temperature:

Up to 422°F (216°C)

Larger models of the shell and coil heat exchangers are designed to different parameters. Call AIC for details.

JAD Line Heat Exchangers - AIC
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For more information about AIC Heat Exchanger Products, click here to visit their website or contact us.

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I have relied on Andrew’s steam system expertise for many of the steam projects my company has been involved in. His broad knowledge in all aspects of steam design and solid experience “in the field” makes him an excellent and trusted source of information for all things steam related. His experience with mechanical systems and processes allows him to understand the big picture. Andrew’s experience will make your steam project a success.